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Our Animals


A 14 Carrot Lady (Lady)

Lady is 4 year old Tennessee Walking Horse, that came to us back in November of 2018 as a malnourished six month old foal. We got her back into good health, and have trained her to be the wonderful mare she is today. Today Lady is Bingo's best buddy, and an adventurous trail riding horse.


Bingo is a 9 year old Standard Bred/ Tennessee Walking Horse mix. He joined the farm in June of 2022. He was gotten as a companion for Lady. We have had some behavioral issues with Bingo since we got him, but with a little work we have gotten through those. Now Bingo is a big pet and is inseparable from Lady. 

Miniature Horses and Donkey


Dusty is our miniature Jerusalem donkey, he is a bit of a chunk as you can see. He shares a stall with Midnight the alpaca.


Charlie is our bay miniature pony gelding. He knows how to pull a cart and the children used to ride him around the barn lot before he got so chubby!  In fact a family member said "he got here and started eating then he never stopped eating!!!" He shares a stall with Misty.


Misty is our miniature horse mare. She is a cautious little thing, we believe in the past she may not have been treated right. Now however, after working with her we can pet her and the kids can ride her around the barnyard. She stares a stall with Charlie at night.



Pua our Kune Kune boar.  He is our herd sire.  He comes from a Whakanui boar line and a Wilsons Gina sow line. He loves belly scratches and fresh vegetables and fruits.


Porkchop is our Kune Kune barrow. He was got as a companion for Miss Piggy. He is a very patient tubby boy.  At night when taking care of the animals one of the dogs loves to chase the pigs and grab them by the ears. Porkchop has aways been very patient and gentle with him!  Porkchop comes from a Mahia Love boar line and a Genny sow line.

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is our brown and white Kune Kune sow.  She is a very sweet girl, she knows how to spin, and lay down for belly scratches.  Miss Piggy is the foundation of Kune Kune breeding program.  Miss piggy comes from a Mahia Love boar line and a Jenny sow line.


Pancake is our newest addition to our piggy herd. She is a belted ginger and white gilt. She is 



Sissy is our second oldest alpaca . She is the mother/grandmother of the group. In her old age she is experiencing some health issues. Her front leg appears bent/swollen and she limps on it. We are working with our vet very closely on monitoring this situation. She had an injury to the leg and it formed an internal infection which has caused extra bone growth not allowing her to straighten the leg. 


Matilda is our oldest alpaca, she is a very sweet old girl.


Velvet is our biggest alpaca, and is the most skittish. She is the daughter of Sissy and Midnight. She has the softest fiber of the group (coat).


Midnight is our male alpaca. He also has a few health issues: an old ear hematoma (causing one of his ears to be lopsided), and extra bony tissue around his mouth (he had a tooth root infection that abscessed causing bone growth in his jaw, and his teeth can't be removed as it would break his jaw). With his health issues he stays in the barn lot all day, is on antibiotics as needed, and has a special diet. We are working very closely with a vet to monitor his situation.


Cuddles is our neutered male Alpaca; he is the smallest alpaca we have. 



Eddy is our female emu, of our bonded pair.  She is not as cuddly as Edy, but overtime she has come to trust us. If you are calm and move slowly you might be able to pet her.


Edy is our very sweet male emu or our bonded pair. Well most of the time anyway! The only time he is not sweet is when sitting on eggs. The rest of the time he will come and cuddle with you!

Miniature Highland Cow

Shaggy is our miniature highland steer that was dehorned before we got him. He is a very spoiled little man; he will sit there and bawl for hay and attention.  He gets into everything, as you can see in the top right picture he has a black thing over his nose.  He was playing in the pond in our barnyard that has a sprinkler, and he got part of the filter stuck on his nose.... He also loves to wrestle and play.




Kuma is our resident German Shepherd. He is trained in scent work.


Dylan is a Goldendoodle. He is really just a big goofball.


We have a mix of several breeds of geese: tolouse, sebastopol, and various other breeds.  These mix of breeds have produced this checkered appearance.

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