Pua is the newest addition to our farm.  He is our Kune Kune boar.  He was bought in order to start up our Kune Kune herd!  He comes from a Whakanui boar line and a Wilsons Gina sow line. He loves belly scratches and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is our brown and white Kune Kune gilt that is 2 years old.  She is a very sweet girl, she knows how to spin, and lay down for belly scratches.  Miss Piggy is the foundation of Kune Kune breeding program.  Miss piggy comes from a Mahia Love boar line and a Jenny sow line.


Porkchop is our Kune Kune barrow that is two now.  He was bought as a companion for Miss Piggy. He is a very patient tubby boy.  At night when taking care of the animals one of the dogs loves to chase the pigs and grab them by the ears. Porkchop has aways been very patient and gentle with him!  Porkchop comes from a Mahia Love boar line and a genny sow line.

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