For Sale

4 Kune Kune Piglets for Sale

     -  The Piglets were born on October 20, 2020. They will be ready for their new homes on December 15, 2020. Just in time for Christmas! There are 2 gilts and 2 boars.
      -  The piglets will be registered through American Kune Kune Pig Soceity.  Along with being registered the piglets will be microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed.
      - We ask that if for any reason our piglets future homes cannot keep them; that they reach out to us!
     - For more information or pictures on our piglets please text Sara at 615-853-6270.


Father: BFK Whakanui 6 - Pua

Mother: Red Roof KuneKunes Jenny 19- Miss Piggy

Boarling 1 (Oreo)

- Brown and White: note when he gets older his spots will get black

- Double Wattled

-11 teats

Boarling 2 (George Kune)

 - Ginger and Black

 - Double Wattled

 - 14 teats

Giltling 1  (Breeches)

 - Ginger and Black

 -Double Wattled

- 11 teats

Giltling 2

(Rosemary Kune)

 - Ginger and Black

 - Double Wattled: note piglet was born with 2 wattles but due to an injury only has 1, as can be seen in the upper left image. This picture was taken before the bottom of the wattle feel off.

 - 12 teats

Arrington, TN

Phone number: 615-853-6270