Miniature horses and donkeys

Little Bit

Little Bit is the oldest of our miniature horses. He is a chestnut gelding. In is day you could find him drinking Pepsi and hanging out with his friend Dusty. Dusty and Little Bit share a stall every night. 


Dusty is our miniature Jerusalem donkey, he is a bit of a chunk as you can see. He shares a stall with Little Bit.


Charlie is our bay miniature pony gelding. He knows how to pull a cart and the children used to ride him around the barn lot before he got so chubby!  In fact Karin, the owner says "he got here and started eating then he never stopped eating!!!" He shares a stall with Misty.


Misty is our miniature horse mare. She is a cautious little thing, we believe in the past she may not have been treated right. Now however, after working with her we can pet her and the kids can ride her around the barnyard.

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Arrington, TN