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Our babies in Heaven


Ty was the matriarch of our farm, he was the reason the farm was built in the first place. Ty was an off the track thoroughbred from California.  He was as sweet as could be, and always listened and looked out for the other animals on the farm. Sadly, Ty passed away from a heart attack at 34 years old in June of 2022. He is buried out in his favorite spot in the pasture along with his buddy Kizzie. We like to think that Ty is in heaven keeping watch and protecting all his friends still here at the farm.

Ty 1.2.jpg
Ty 1.7.jpg


Bosco was our sweet old man. He was always with you. You needed to go check the horses at midnight, he was coming one way or another. He loved being with people. If you dropped any food don't worry about cleaning up he would in a heartbeat. He was put down in January of 2022 due to complications of age at 13 years old. He was cremated and his remains are at the farm here.



Butterball was our big old turkey. He wandered the farm looking for insects. If new people came to the farm he would Fan his feathers out to show them. Our big old baby passed in August of 2021, we found him in his stall at night when we came home from work. He is buried under his favorite roosting tree out on the backside of the property.

Butterball 1.jpg

Baby Big Bird

Baby Big bird was our youngest emu. She was the offspring on Edy and Eddie. She was always checking and making sure our fence lines were in good shape. She passed away in June on 2021. We had her cremated.



Nala was our sweet 9 year old Pitbull. She was as sweet as she could be, but was sure to let us know if someone came up the driveway. Nala's favorite thing to do was play with toys and sneak onto the couch. Sadly in May of 2021 we decided to put Nala down she had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was decreasing rapidly.



Sweetie was the mother of Cuddles. We lost Sweetie to an overload of parasites in January 2021.



Petunia was our sweet pot bellied pig. She wandered the farm freely ever day. We could always tell if it was hot/cold depending where she was. If it was hot out she would be behind the shed in the shade. If cold she would be in her bed in the stall with her face nearly covered in hay.



first group 023.jpg

Kizzie was our thoroughbred mare that was a companion to Ty. She was originally in training and was retired due to bone spurs. She was given to us a companion for Ty. She was a wonderful, sweet, and loving mare. Her and Ty were best friends. Sadly we lost our beautiful baby girl due to colic in November of 2018.  She will always be with us in our thoughts and prayers, and is buried here on the farm out in her pasture.


Shabby our Highland steer with a 7.5 foot horn span, that was the biggest baby around.  At night in his stall after he ate his grain he would come and put his head over the door for you to scratch right behind his horn, with some carrots. He loved kisses, and you could be sure if you came in the barn you would get a Shabby kiss.You could bet if it was hot out he would be out in the pond playing.  We lost our friendly giant in August of 2018. We like to think he is up above standing in a heavenly farm supervising the farm just waiting for his friends to join him or waiting for someone to scratch his horns.  He is buried here at the farm out in the back pasture behind the barn. 

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